Schlegel Angus

Derrick Schlegel of Schlegel Angus Ranch

Schlegel Angus Ranch started in 2008 with females purchased from Ficken Angus and Lyons Ranch. Since then, I have added females from Dalebanks Angus, Mill Brae Ranch, Larson Angus Ranch, Stevenson Diamond Dot, and ENS Cattle. The main goal of my program is to produce cattle that are feed efficient, grow well, have excellent carcass quality, and can make a great cow. I maintain a strict 30-day heifer and 45-day cow breeding season. The cattle are AI’d one time and then the bulls are turned in. Any animal that is open is culled. I retain the top end of each bull crop to use as clean up on commercial cows owned by my family. We retain ownership in those cattle through the feedlot. Carcass and feedlot data on those cattle is available. Several of those top bulls are in this sale. My hope is that the bulls in this offering will be able to add value to your calf crop and cowherd, making you more profitable.


2022 Schlegel Angus Carcass Data